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An apple a day can help promote your overall oral health. You should always avoid overly sweet and sugar filled foods, but there are some exceptions where sweet foods can help your teeth. Apples are a great food that you should have as part of your diet that can help your mouth stay healthy.

Our team cares about your oral health. That is why our team at Trovato Nutrition in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, want you to know about one of the healthy food choices you can make to strengthen your smile.

Fruits like apples might be sweet, but they are also packed with water and fiber. The water and fiber found in an apple can help your overall oral health. The water, and action of eating the apple can help increase saliva in your mouth. Saliva is your body’s way of cleaning out your mouth from food particles and bacteria. The fiber found in apples can stimulate your gums and help protect against gum disease.

Eating an apple after a meal does not replace brushing, but it can help clean your mouth after a meal where you are unable to brush your teeth directly after the meal. We suggest packing either a whole apple or apple slices along with your lunch to help clean your mouth after your lunch.

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