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Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)

LiveO2 – Exercise with Oxygen


Exercise with Oxygen Training (EWOT) has gained popularity with anyone interested in improving their health.


The benefits of train­ing with oxy­gen are well known, and a quick search on the web for “EWOT” reveals countless articles from researchers and tes­ti­mo­ni­als from patients. 

One of the common complaints about EWOT is the length of time it takes. That is where Live O2 comes in!


LiveO2 is “Super-EWOT”


Normal exercise with oxygen systems take about 36 hours to do the same thing that LiveO2 does in 15 minutes. It’s all about how much oxygen you can install in your body’s water, and LiveO2 delivers at least 3x more oxygen than other EWOT systems.


For athletes, LiveO2 accelerates training by flushing waste out of your muscles, and allowing the body to recover from hard training in approximately 1/3 the time it would normally take. 


For nonathletes, LiveO2 amplifies the benefits of exercise to get powerful cardiovascular benefits in a fraction of the time. As you pedal, your heart rate rises, and oxygen will be forced deep into your cells.

You will feel physical changes in about 3 minutes and get real results in 15 minutes.

Live O2.jpeg

Oxygen is vital to every function of your body!


Oxygen provides a completely natural way to heal and reduce inflammation. Increasing your oxygen levels can and will make huge differences in your state of wellbeing. It also has profound anti-aging and weight loss effects.


The LiveO2 system gives you all the healing, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and alkalinizing power of oxygen therapy you can possibly need. Nothing else comes close. No matter who you are, if you can get on a bicycle, you can enjoy something powerful enough to be considered a fountain of youth for the cells.

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