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Biological dentistry, simply put, is an approach to dentistry that recognizes that the teeth / mouth are connected to the rest of the body.  Dentists are taught tunnel vision, working only in the mouth, truly believing that the teeth have no effect on the body, and the body has no effect on the teeth.

At Trovato Nutrition, we understand that all dental treatments impact other areas of the body in some way, and we promote dental care that is in harmony with the overall system.  While traditional dentists tend to turn into what they call “molar mechanics”, fixing and saving everything while concentrating only on structure (using metal everywhere), the goal of biological dentistry is to find the most conservative dental treatments using biocompatible materials that do not impact the system in a negative way.

While almost nothing in dentistry is “perfect”, we suggest the use of all ceramic onlay restorations instead of porcelain fused to metal crowns, BPA free composites (tooth colored fillings) instead of the metal amalgams (52% mercury), zirconia implants instead of titanium implants, ClearMet or Valplast partials instead of traditional partials or dentures (contains cadmium), and so on.

Trovato Nutrition recommends finding a biologic dentist who is mercury safe like Meetinghouse Dental Care that will use protective protocols any time they need to drill on metal that may involve the mercury amalgam fillings.

Dr. Louis Trovato and our team want you to be able to enjoy a fully healthy mouth and body for life, and we can help you on this journey. Begin today by contacting our office at (215) 293-0909 and scheduling an initial appointment with our dentist in Horsham, Pennsylvania, today!