All pictures were taken by me of food I personally ordered
Most people think that concentrating on nutrition means that they cannot eat out at restaurants. That is not true at all. In fact, ordering professionally prepared meals is one of my favorite things to do. Whether I am at a restaurant for celebration or to spend time with loved ones, I make healthy choices to consume high-quality nutrients.

When eating out, the idea of concept becomes more important than the idea of quality. The example I use all the time is: If you ordered meat and vegetables at a famous steak restaurant (I won’t mention the name), you have an incredible meal compared to if you ordered a deep-fried, giant onion covered in bread crumbs and dipped in sugary sauce (you know what I’m talking about now).

So the meat might not be grass-fed and the vegetables might not be organic, but they are certainly not as toxic as the most notorious high-calorie appetizer in the restaurant business.

I still try and include as many vegetables as possible, and I still aim for high-quality protein, but if all I ordered was a salad over and over again, eating out would become uneventful. I try to order foods that I would not be able to reproduce myself at home.

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