Personalized Nutri-genomics Tests

Trovato Nutrition does not require or always recommend genetic testing, but it can provide valuable information about your body. This page is intended to educate on what nutria-genomics is, and to inform on how to go about getting your genes tested.

Nutrigenomics is a term applied to the study of how genetic variations affect our metabolism and the way we absorb / utilize nutrients (vitamins and minerals).

Allopathic medicine is based on the concept of averages, diagnosing and treating based off of assumed norms. Unfortunately, many people fall outside of the normal bell curve, and treating them as average can result in less than optimal results, or worse, harm.

Everybody has a different ability to absorb and utilize nutrients, process prescription medication, and clear the system of toxins. The same vitamins and medications that are lifesaving in one person can be detrimental to another. Why is that?

It is all about our genetics. More specifically, how our genes are coded. Science has allowed patients to fairly easily obtain a mapping of their genetic code and discover where their code has genetic SNPs.

SNPs (pronounced “snips”)

Genetic SNPs (pronounces snips) stands for single nucleotide polymorphisms. You are made up of trillions of cells which all have a nucleus at the center. The nucleus houses our chromosomes/DNA. If you remember biology class, our DNA is shaped like a double helix held together in the middle by base pairs (A, T, G, C). Basically, a genetic SNP is a slight altering of base pair code in one of your genes. Everyone has them and finding out where the SNPs are located can provide valuable information about your body’s unique ability to do, or not do, certain things as well as others.

23 and Me

Start with 23 and Me

23 and me Cost: $199 for the full test
23 and Me kit
23 and Me is a salivary genetic test that provides tons of information about ancestry and overall health. After ordering a test, they will ship you the small box which will contain instructions for you to spit in a tube and send it back. You will be e-mailed when the results are ready to view. The 23 and me website provides great information with a nice overall layout, but the real magic is in the raw data that they do not interpret.

Due to the FDA cracking down, 23 and me was forced to hide this raw genetic data, but fortunately, the data is still available to you to download if you know to look for it. Once your results are live, you can log into the 23 and Me website. From there you want to go to:

This page allows you to view your raw data broken down by chromosome, but what you want to do is click the “download” link in the top middle of the page, right under the bold words “Your Raw Data”.

Once you click “download”, you are brought to a new page titled “Download Raw Data”. Scroll to the bottom and click the blue button “Submit Request”. The raw data will then be e-mailed to the e-mail you have on file.

Now that you have the raw data, you can upload it to multiple different sites for some real genetic information.

Genetic Genie and NutraHacker

Both of these sites have a section to upload your raw data. Recently, they have updated their site to fully integrate and connect with the 23 and Me website to provide a more effective and seamless process.

Genetic Genie Cost: Donation
The Genetic Genie website provides genetic methylation and detoxification information by reading your 23andMe raw data.
The methylation section provides information on how your system utilizes nutrients like B12, Folate, SAMe, and other methyl donors. Knowing any SNPs can help optimize certain supplement recommendations.
The detox profile looks at gene SNPs of the Cytochrome P450 detox enzymes and others to provide information on your individual ability handle certain toxins. Certain genetic polymorphisms have been shown to impair detoxification of heavy metals, environmental toxins, drugs, hormones, xenobiotics, and more.

NutraHacker Cost: $Varies between 20 and 80 depending on report
NutraHacker is a website that can produce multiple reports from your 23 and Me raw data. Like Genetic Genie, it has a very similar metalation and detox report. NutraHacker also has options for other reports. The two we find the most interesting are the supplement report, which gives you a genetic response to specific supplements with a complete report and interactive tool that examine 195 genetic SNPs, and the fitness report, which gives you genetic information on your body’s ability to perform.
If you were interested, NutraHacker also examines SNPs that reveal carrier status for multiple health conditions and individual response to medications.

Two Other Genetic Readers

These two websites are not used often by our office but are worth mentioning for informational purposes since they do use 23 and Me generated data to provide genetic feedback.

Promethease is a literature retrieval system that builds a personal DNA report based on connecting a file of DNA genotypes to the scientific findings cited in SNPedia. Biomedical researchers, healthcare practitioners and customers of DNA testing services (such as 23andMe,, FamilyTreeDNA, etc.) use Promethease to retrieve information published about their DNA variations.

The Livewello Gene App is a Variance Report Software that will run your 23andMe Genome and generate your Phenotype for an unlimited number of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs).