All pictures are taken by me of food I personally prepare
Take note of the abundance of vegetables and the variety of color. All vegetables and fruits should be organic when possible. You may also notice that I am quite fond of eggs due to their exceptional protein content and the variety of ways they can be prepared. I utilize avocados quite often for their excellent fat content (and because I love guacamole). All vegetables and meats prepared in a skillet were sautéed in either coconut oil, ghee, or grass-fed butter. Speaking of meats, all of the beef prepared is grass-fed and organic. There are very little grains in my diet, and when there are, I use products made from something other than wheat. For example, the pasta, bread, and wraps seen in the pictures below are made from heirloom spelt.

Lunch is all about planning ahead. Try not to waste money on less-than-optimal meals by ordering out every single day while you are at work. Pack a lunch, especially if you have access to a fridge. One of the easiest ways to prepare a lunch is simply cook more than you need the night before for dinner. Healthy leftovers make an incredibly quick and easy lunch. You can eat them cold or store them in a glass container to reheat in a toaster oven. I advise against using a microwave for any reason.

Dinner is your opportunity to get creative. All meals shown below took less than 45 minutes to prepare and most of them took no more than 20-25 minutes. Healthy meal preparation does not have to be difficult and once you get the hand of options and combinations, the creativity starts to flow!

I do most of my meal preparations on top of the strove in a skillet with a heat-stable fat on lower heat covered with a lid. I tend to combine multiple things into one container and create a healthy mashup/stir fry.

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