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Your smile’s health can diminish as you age, but did you know that simple oral health care tips and tricks can ensure your teeth have the maximum chance of success to last you for the rest of your life? With the proper oral health care, you can make sure your teeth will keep your smile strong for a lifetime of functionality and happiness.

If you have any unhealthy habits that are ruining your oral health it’s best to quit them. There is no better time than right now to remove those things from your life. This includes smoking or chewing tobacco, drinking heavy alcohol, eating foods that can easily crack or chip your teeth, and playing contact sports without a mouth guard or headgear. Your oral and physical health need to be protected, and it’s up to you to do it!

No matter how old you are, brushing your teeth should be done at least twice every day. Floss is just as, if not more important than brushing, because it is the only thing to remove the food debris and bacteria from between your teeth.  If you are unsure about what type of toothbrush to use, or want to learn an amazing home care hack that can make flossing so much easier, ask us! Dr. Trovato and Anthony go over all of this during your biologic dental exam.

Whitening options are also great for keeping your smile bright for years to come!

To learn more about preparing your smile for aging, contact Dr. Louis Trovato and our team at Trovato Nutrition by calling us at (215) 293-0909. If you would like an oral exam or bi-annual professional cleaning, our dentist office is located in Hatboro, Pennsylvania. Let us help you find your healthy smile.