xrayOur brand new Green CT machine by Vatech gives us state-of-the-art-imaging capabilities while keeping the radiation extremely low.

The cone beam X-ray produces a three-dimensional image of your teeth when the traditional two-dimensional X-rays just aren’t enough information.

Many patients have had situations where they are experiencing sensitivity or neuralgia that dentist after dentist have been un able to locate the root cause. Taking a digital single tooth PA is the standard of care for diagnosing any kind of dental issue, and it is what we would recommend starting with as well. But if that shows nothing definitive, and the patient is in pain, or insistent that something just doesn’t feel right, our dental CT scan gives us that next level of diagnostic capability.

We have found the root cause of many patients’ symptoms with the 3D X-ray, and come up with a definitive treatment plan to solve the problem!
This machine gives us the ability to take a full 3D panoramic or break it down into just a half of the mouth, a single quadrant, or even a single tooth! The Green CT drastically increases our diagnostic capabilities for areas of decay and possible reinfections of old root canalled teeth. It is also extremely useful for gathering information before specific procedures like implant placements.

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