The Pod Sauna
The Pod is designed for health-conscious individuals who want to experience the world’s most luxurious detox, weight management, relaxation, and thermal cellular exercise.

    Cocoon 4 Life Wellness Pro features:

  • Dry Heat System: Precisely adjustable from ambient up to 180F / 82C
  • Triple Infrared System: an IR breakthrough with 3 different infrared wavelengths; can be combined with Dry Heat for the most complete and enjoyable active thermal fitness system
  • Vibration Massage: Dual wave massage vibration system
  • Pure Jade Bed Comfort Mat: 96 smooth jade stones, in cushioned bed mat
  • Halo-therapy: Includes Pure Himalayan Salt Tile
  • Ambiance Light System: Two soft colors (Blue & Red)
  • Cool Face Air System: Dual ports, adjustable cooling face fan

Cocoon 4 Life Wellness Pod is a whole-body self-contained “Pod” which provides amazing Fitness & Wellness benefits and results. The Pod provides all of the health benefits of a regular sauna, without the need to take your clothes off. Saunas, dry or wet, elicit a cellular detox reaction due to the heat. However, your body sweats to try and cool down. Our Pod has high powered fans that blow directly on the back of your head and neck, specifically designed to keep the hypothalamus cool. By keeping the hypothalamus cool, the brain does not realize that the body is hot, and therefor does not produce a sweating response. The cells on the other hand go through the same detoxification process. Proper detox and lymphatic drainage support work synergistically with the pod to completely remove the toxins from the body.

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