I have always been of the opinion that the term supplement describes exactly how it should be used. Supplements should “supplement” an already good diet. Supplements should NOT try to make up for a poor diet lacking in nutrients.

If I eat well, do I need supplements?
This is a good and highly debated question. I think decades ago we may have gotten away with just eating a nutrient-dense diet, but unfortunately, with today’s toxins and terrible farming techniques, there is no way our bodies have what they need for optimal health. Modern day environmental toxins put our cells under tremendous stress as they fight to produce energy and eliminate toxins. The foods we eat are genetically modified and sprayed with toxins like pesticides and herbicides. Then, even if the food was not loaded with chemicals, farming techniques like poor soil preparation, no crop rotation, over-planting, and early crop picking leave the foods themselves containing very little nutrients. Some vegetables and fruits are even picked early and chemically ripened on the back of a truck as they are transferred to the store.

Eating only organic vegetables and fruits absolutely makes a huge difference. Not only will these crops be free from the harmful chemicals, organic farmers typically use much better farming techniques and use higher quality soil. The resulting crops are chemical free and packed with nutrients.

What is the best brand?
There is no one brand of supplements that makes the BEST version of everything. Through trial and error, extensive testing, and speaking to experts all around the world, we believe we have a very good list of brands that each excel at their own vitamins/nutrients.

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