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The title of this post is slightly misleading.  NO candy is good to consume if you want to maintain healthy teeth.  However, some candies in particular can really spoil the structure and appearance of your teeth. In the aftermath of Halloween and throughout the holidays, , Trovato Nutrition in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, encourages you to avoid the following candies:

Sticky and Chewy Candy: Sticky candies are a dental nightmare.  Dentists are particularly concerned about the high sugar content sticking to molars being an all-day feast for bad bacteria. They turn the sugar into acid and wear away your enamel, and they have longer to do it because the food particles stay on your teeth much longer.  Sticky candy also runs the risk of debonding crowns and other restorations in your mouth.

Hard Candy: The only thing worse than sticky candy on your molars is chipping off a piece of your tooth because you bit into hard candy. Should you choose to take this risk, be extremely careful. If you suck on the candy instead, it’s not much better for you; the sugar will dissolve into your saliva and multiply all over your mouth.

If you have any questions about what foods to eat or avoid for better tooth health, you can phone us at (215) 293-0909. You are also welcome to book an after-Halloween cleaning and exam with your dentist, Dr. Louis Trovato. We’re here to help you and your smile!