Banana Sushi

A unique spin on sushi using a coconut wrap, organic bananas, and some good quality nut butters.  It makes an excellent snack or after dinner treat.  Kids love them!  Pictures shown use different kinds of butters (peanut, cashew, almond, and macadamia).  You can use regular nut butters, but there are also a lot of amazing flavors available that you can even find on amazon.  


• Coconut Wraps

• Organic Bananas

• High quality, organic nut butters




1. Take a wrap out of the package and split it into two pieces.

2. Spread desired nut butter onto the wrap.

3. Cut banana long ways and place onto once side of the wrap near the edge.

4. Roll the wrap starting from the banana side, using the nut butter to hold it all together.

5. Slice into individual pieces.