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New Clients

Please download and fill out the new client intake form and bring to your appointment.​

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Trovato Nutrition specializes in providing nutritional education for optimal health in a facility that offers synergistic modalities to support wellness.

We do not treat disease. We promote health.

There is no magic food, pill, or machine that will grant instant health.

When nutrition is consistent and the cells are supported, the body will heal.

New Client Agreement

Trovato Nutrition will provide you with critical information and expert guidance; it is up to you to implement. We cannot stress enough how important consistency is for anything involving overall health. Whether it is making and maintaining dietary changes, committing to and executing an exercise program, or taking supportive supplementation, without honest adherence, results will not be achieved.

Lifestyle changes may also be requested such as the discontinuation of smoking, cutting back on excessive alcohol, maintaining an active lifestyle or exercise program, remediating the bedroom of EMFs, and/or getting adequate sleep.

First Appointment (60 Minutes)

All new clients for Trovato Nutrition begin with a New Client Consultation.


The first visit to our facility is a 60-minute appointment.  It is an opportunity to gather baseline measurements, review your health history and dietary intake form, listen to and document your goals, and explain our approach to nutrition and health.


We review findings, discuss specific dietary modifications, and identify supportive modalities according to your situation and your interest.

During this appointment we take baseline measurements:

  • InBody Scale measures your height, weight, and body composition

  • Biophotonic Scanner assesses nutrient consumption and absorption

We then review the findings and go over your dietary intake form:

  • We explain the Inbody Scale readout and the meaning of the Biophotonic Score

  • We note your dietary habits, food preferences and avoidances, and nutritional knowledge

  • We communicate our office philosophy and approach to nutrition

  • We present individualized caloric and macronutrient breakdown examples

  • We share specific dietary recommendations and example meal plans

  • We both share goals and expectations and recommend general dietary changes to get started

  • Together we devise and commit to a logical game plan and supportive modalities

Follow Up Appointments

Typically, we schedule follow up nutritional visits that are 1 hour long to answer any questions and make any necessary adjustments.  These appointments should be scheduled somewhere between 2-4 weeks apart for the next three months.


While the first appointment is more generalized, the follow-up appointments allow for more specific recommendations and advanced techniques according to your individual needs.

After 3 months, Trovato Nutrition will recheck In Body scan and Biophotonic Scanner to assess progress, record new measurements, introduce modifications regarding nutritional intake or supportive modalities, suggest reading material, and optimize your motivational level.

Supportive Healing Modalities

As mentioned on the “Our Team” page, Trovato Nutrition features six unique treatment rooms:


1. Nutrition
2. Massage
3. PEMF / Light Therapy
4. Exercise with Oxygen / IR Sauna Pod
5. Dental Exam
6. Oxygen Ozone


While some clients may be interested in or only require nutritional education and guidance, others may want / need to take advantage of supportive modalities, and may begin to do so after the New Client Consultation.


Read “Services” to learn more about each modality.


Trovato Nutrition has handcrafted a few packages of modalities that work synergistically to provide great results.

Synergistic Packages

Cellular Detox Package:

Sonex Lymphatic Plate – PEMF – IR Sauna – Brain Tap


Cellular Exercise Package:

Sonex Lymphatic Plate – Live O2 Exercise with Oxygen – PEMF


Head and Neck Detox Package:

Oxygen Ozone Ear and Nose Insuflation – Brain Tap


More Packages Coming Soon!

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