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Your body is designed to heal itself naturally and will ALWAYS move towards health when given the opportunity!  

Trovato Nutrition helps remove boulders, providing

education for optimal function of all systems.

Nutrition Education

Doctor and Patient

New Patient Nutrition Appointment


The first 60 minute new client nutrition session.

All new clients for Trovato Nutrition begin with a New Client Consultation.  The first visit to our facility is an opportunity to gather necessary baseline measurements, review your health history and dietary intake form, listen to and document your goals, and explain our approach to nutrition and health.


Nutrition Counseling


A follow-up, one hour nutrition session.

Nutrition education is the foundation of Trovato Nutrition. No amount of supplementation or fancy equipment can replace the establishing of a sound nutritional baseline. The body is an incredible machine, and if given the proper nutrients to function, it will begin to heal with time. With consistency, many symptoms will improve due to fixing the underlying causes.

Service InBody770.jpg

InBody 770 Scale


We all know that there is so much more to the number on the bathroom scale, but most people do not have access to advanced body measurement tools like hydro submersion or DEXA scans. The InBody provides the practicality of a regular scale, but with the in-depth analysis and accuracy of some of the golden standards of body composition measuring.

Service Scanner.jpg

Biophotonic Scanner


The BioPhotonic scanner provides dietary feedback by measuring skin carotenoid levels. We use this score to monitor overall whole food nutrition. It is looking at about 3 months of how well you eat.e.  The ability to track dietary consistency and make nutritional corrections is imperative to creating a healthy foundation.

Blood Test

Optimal Blood Reading

$50 add on to $60 consult fee

Too many times, doctors look at blood work, see that everything is within the provided reference ranges, and give a patient the “all clear.” These ranges are incorrect. By altering what we are looking for and not viewing each marker by itself, we can see the bigger picture and draw some in depth conclusions that doctors often overlook.

Biologic Dental Education


Decay Prevention / Enamel Remin


Decay prevention is essential in long-term oral health.  Creating the right environment not only stops enamel breakdown, but also makes all existing dental restorations last longer.  This means less drilling on the teeth, happier nerves, and more conservative dentistry.  There are things you can do through home care and nutrition to drastically slow the decay process and eventually regrow the enamel! 

Adults and kids benefit from this information!


Dental Education / Second Opinion


Many patients are given lengthy and expensive treatment plans from their dentist and are looking for a second opinion.  The best way to accomplish this is a full comprehensive new patient exam with our dentists.  However, some people are just looking for information and guidance (especially if it involves their kid's teeth).  We can look at your x-rays and provide insight on current restorations, suggested treatment, and help guide you make a decision that is best for you or your child's health.


Oxygen Ozone Therapy


Medical-grade oxygen-ozone therapy creates a therapeutic oxygen-rich environment that induces a positive, multi-factorial, biochemical/physiologic change in affected tissues. Oxygen-ozone has the ability to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spirochetes. It is also a circulatory stimulant, wound-cleanser, accelerant for wound healing, hemostatic agent, and immune-activating agent. There are multiple different therapeutic applications for this treatment (topical, insuflation, injection, etc).


3D Cone Beam Scan


Our Dental Green CT machine produces crystal-clear 3D models of the teeth, jaw, sinuses, and surrounding structures to thoroughly examine the oral environment without exposing the patient to high levels of radiation like traditional medical CT scans. A dental CT is taken when more information is needed than a standard, two-dimensional dental X-ray is able to provide.

Dental x-ray

Biologic Dental Exam


Meetinghouse Dental and Trovato Nutrition provide Biologic Dental Exams that address everything from nutrition and decay prevention to a thorough clinical exam with our biologic dentists.

We look for decay vs incipiencies,  periodontal health, oral cancer with VelScope. 

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