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To Join a Program

To join, you will need to choose an email and password to sign up, verify the email is yours, log in, and submit payment.

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough:

1. Click the "learn more" button to see the main program page with an overview and description of the contents.

2. Click the blue "join" button at the bottom.

3. A "sign up" box will appear.  Choose the "sign up with email" option.   


4. Enter the email you want to use and choose a password.

5. An email will be sent to the provided address for you to verify that the email address is truly yours.

6. Open the email sent to you and click the link to verify your email.

7. Return to the program page and click the "join" button again. 


8. This time, instead of signing up, you will see "Already a member? Log in".  Click "log in".

9. The words at the top of the box will switch from "Sign Up" to "Log In".  Click "Log in with Email".

10. Enter the email address you just verified, and the password you chose.


11. You will be brought to a page to verify the payment with a credit card or through Pay Pal. 

12. Once payment is received, the log in credentials you chose will unlock the contents of the program.

- Once purchased, there is no expiration date on the programs, and you may view them as many times as you wish.

- Please do not share your log in information with others.  The program access is for individual use only.


- The system has a way to track sharing, and accounts may become locked out if suspicious activity is detected.

- If you have any questions, please email  We will be happy to answer!  ENJOY!

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