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Hydration with clean water is critical.  Minerals (electrolytes) fit into this category.  We then build a strong foundation with plenty of nutrient dense, organic vegetables.  We cook

the vegetables in healthy fats and fit them into the

diet as much as possible to provide clean fuel and

sustainable energy.  Protein is also important to

include, and the quality matters tremendously. 

We go over exactly what foods fit into our

modified food guide pyramid, and together,

we find the best way to fit everything into

your day so you can remain consistent.

Our unique food guide pyramid illustrates how we build a strong nutritional foundation.

Trovato Nutrition promotes a modified Ketogenic approach to health.

Organic Vegetables
Cooking Eggs

Nutrition education is the foundation of Trovato Nutrition. No amount of supplementation or fancy equipment can replace establishing a sound nutritional baseline. The body is an incredible machine, and if given the proper nutrients to function, it will begin to heal with time. With consistency, many symptoms will improve due to fixing the underlying causes.

Trovato Nutrition Simple.png

Healthy and Approved Recipes 

Checkout our mix of ketogenic and paleo recipes that include healthy fat, quality protein, and nutrient dense vegetables.  Whether you need a full meal or a snack, getting ideas and being prepared helps you stay consistent with your nutrition and health journey.

Egg and Spinach Salad


Following our Instagram is a great way to see real time meal ideas as we create them.  From creative recipes, to dining out options, our Instagram stays packed with healthy meal examples.  We also share interesting nutrition information and keep you up to date on what our Health Center is up to.

Checkout our feed below and make sure to visit Instagram to follow Trovato Nutrition 

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