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Biologic Dental Exams

The health of the mouth is a direct representation of the health of the body. 


Take a good look at your mouth. What do you see?


  • Mercury Amalgam Fillings?

  • Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal Crowns?

  • Bridges?

  • Root Canals?

  • Missing Teeth?

  • Titanium Implants?

  • Partials?

  • Dentures?


Trovato Nutrition works closely with one of the best Biologic Dental Offices on the East Coast.

Chances are, the more dental work you have experienced, the greater the burden your mouth puts on the rest of your body. But why did you need all that dental work in the first place? It is time to learn the facts. 

MHDC Large.png

What we eat directly and indirectly affects the health of the mouth!

See our Biologic Dental page for more information!

Biologic Dental Exam

The purpose of the biologic dental exam is to view X-rays, chart out the existing dentistry, and educate the patient on what is in their mouth and how it may be affecting the rest of their body. We will then come up with a logical game plan on how to address some of the issues. Trovato Nutrition has a specific syntax of care, but ultimately, everything we do is about gathering enough information to educate the client on exactly what is going on inside their mouths. Anything the patient wishes to do is completely their decision.

For more information on biologic dentistry or to set up an appointment, please visit or call them directly at (215) 293-0909.

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