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A Holistic Guide to Reversing the Decay Process


Allopathic dentistry has virtually abandoned the art of cavity prevention. The resulting drill and fill mentality leaves many patients disheartened and disempowered. While advances in materials and technology give modern dentistry an unparalleled ability to restore decayed teeth, the ultimate goal of oral health care should always be stability and prevention. Supporting the optimal functioning of the body’s innate healing ability to arrest cavity development through enamel remineralization is advisable for long-term dental health. Our goal is to provide information so that you can take a more proactive and preventative approach to oral health. It is always easier to prevent decay from forming, than it is to deal with it once it breaks through the enamel. This program explains it all! History of Tooth Decay Oral Microbiome Balancing Oral Acids Dentinal Fluid Flow Holistic Home care Dental Nutrition Dental Supplementation Remineralization Therapies And More!





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