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Biologic Dentistry


Biologic Dentistry 101 is a comprehensive educational program providing information on a vast array of alternative dental topics. With over 20 years of experience in the Biologic Dental world, Trovato Nutrition provides an educational series for patients, practitioners, and dentists alike. Our Biologic Dental Program has 12 sections. Topics covered include: Dental X-rays and Radiation Protection Fluoride Mercury and Dental Amalgams Dissimilar Metals and Oral Galvanism Biocompatible Dental Restorations Oral Infections (Vital Teeth / Root Canals / Cavitations) Biologic Extractions (Protocols / Post Extraction Instructions) Ozone and Therapeutic Injections Dental Implants (Ceramic vs Titanium) Gum and Periodontal Health TMJ and CMD Dental Nutrition and Supplementation





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