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Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy

Microcurrent therapy devices are currently approved in the class of TENS units. 

(the pads you can apply to sore muscles that stimulate and “exercise” the muscle)


However, microcurrent is not exactly TENS. It is 1,000 times less current. (Microcurrent is a millionth of an amp whereas TENS is thousandths of an amp.) ⠀

Microcurrent delivers a sub sensory frequency that elicits a change in the tissue and a current (flow of electrons) that boosts ATP (energy). ⠀
In fact, 10 – 500 micro amps will increase ATP production 500%!⠀

When ATP is increases by 500%, protein synthesis is increased by 70%, amino acid transport is increased by 40%, and cAMP increases in human lymphocytes. After just 20 days of micro current therapy, tissues have increased Vascularity 39%, Collagen 14%, and Elastin 48%.


That is A LOT of healing from just the current being run.


Then there is the specific frequency...⠀

How does the frequency create a cellular change?⠀

Drugs or nutrients act like keys in a lock to “open the door” and change

membrane receptors and change intracellular function. ⠀

Keys are only one way to open your car door. Frequencies act like the beeper (car FOB) opening the lock with an electromagnetic signal.⠀ ⠀
Membrane Receptors Respond to Frequency Signaling, sending messages inside the cell and eliciting a response.⠀

Cells are semiconductors with a gel like intracellular matrix. Water molecules line the gel lattice and form structures that act as semiconductors that allow easy rapid flow of current Information.⠀ ⠀
Frequency specific Microcurrent sends an exact frequency that resonated with a particular issue in the body. Resonance is the tendency of a system or bond to oscillate at large amplitudes in response to some frequencies and not others. The best example is singing and holding a specific frequency to shatter a lead crystal glass.

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