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InBody 770 Scale 

Our InBody scale is an incredible machine. Gone are the days of using a simple number of pounds or BMI to track and measure the body. 


This technology is an integral part of progress tracking. Some are disheartened to step on a normal scale after a month of hard work and nutrition, to see that they only lost 5lbs. But with the InBody, we can see that maybe the overall shift in weight was 5lbs, but the person actually lost 8lbs of fat and added 3lbs of muscle. We can see the decrease in body fat percentage as well as the decrease in visceral fat (the dangerous fat stored around your organs). We can see where that 3lbs of muscle was gained, and most likely an increase in intracellular water (meaning your cells are being better hydrated). 

Health is so much more than a number on a scale!

InBody 3.png

The InBody is different than the tiny, hand-held fat analyzers you see at most gyms that only uses one mode of measurement. The InBody produces several different signals, breaking your body down into right and left arm, right and left leg, and trunk. This means you don’t just see how much fat or muscle you have. You see exactly where it is stored! The InBody is 95-97% accurate when compared to the water displacement and DEXA methods!


InBody uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to measure body water by applying a small alternating current on the body. Depending on the amount of electrical resistance, the InBody is able to determine your body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, intracellular vs extracellular water, surface vs visceral fat, and so much more!

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