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Keto Sushi

Sushi is one of my favorite foods, but just one roll (6 pieces) can be over 400 calories with lots of carbohydrates.  Definitely not a Keto friendly meal.  That is fine if you only have that one roll, but I rarely leave dinner without consuming at least four (1,600 calories).  Creating your own rolls lets you control the ingredients.  I have made these using no rice at all, or substituting in cauliflower rice to keep a similar texture while drastically cutting the carbohydrates and calories.

You can roll the sushi and slice into pieces, or if you are in a hurry, create the roll and skip the knife.  Sushi hand rolls are just as delicious.

Pictures listed are for a Philadelphia Roll, but you can use the concepts to create what ever your favorite rolls happens to be. 


• Organic Nori Paper

• Cauliflower Rice (optional)

• Avocado

• Wild Caught, Smoked Salmon

• Cream Cheese

• Ginger and Wasabi for Garnish

• Very Sharp Kinfe

• Bamboo rolling mat and cling wrap

• Chopsticks




1. Cover bamboo mat with cling wrap

2. Place nori sheet on bamboo mat

3. If you are using cauliflower rice, spread the cooked cauliflower rice evenly onto the nori sheet.

4. If no rice, spread the cream cheese directly onto the nori sheet.

5. Add ingredients close to the edge of one side in a straight line, in this case, avocado and wild caught salmon.

6. Using your hands, fold the nori sheet up and over the ingredients with firm pressure.  Roll tightly, wetting the top edge of the nori with some water to help seal it.

7. Cut the roll into smaller pieces using a very sharp sushi kinfe.  Make sure to wet the blade with each cut so it does not stick to the roll.

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