Whether your goal is to lose weigh, live longer, or just feel better, nutrition is the key to everything.  The problem with nutrition is that there is so much information out there claiming to be “the right way to eat”.  The information is often complicated and contradictory, making it difficult for the average person to know what to do an who to trust.  The medical and dental professionals only furthers the confusion, preaching outdated information…

Have you ever heard things like:

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day 
  • Eating three square meals with snacks is required to stay full
  • Not eating will slow metabolism and cause muscle loss
  • Excess salt raises blood pressure
  • Foods high in fat and cholesterol raise body cholesterol levels
  • Cholesterol causes heart disease
  • Saturated fat makes us fat and clogs our arteries
  • Sugar is needed for energy
  • Acid foods like lemons cause acid erosion and damage tooth enamel
  • Brushing too hard causes gum recession
  • Fluoride protects against decay

All of those claims are very common to hear from Doctors and Dentists and their word is often excepted as truth.  Unfortunately, most Doctors and Dentists receive only 1 – 2 classes during their entire 8 years of higher education, so even though they are experts in their field, the nutrition information is lacking.  There is a disconnect between the “allopathic” and “holistic” world of health.  We NEED to work together.

It is often said that the root cause of all disease is chronic inflammation, but Trovato Nutrition takes that a step further, looking deep into the cell at mitochondrial function.  Mitochondria are the power house of the cell, producing energy (ATP) for your body to function.  The ageing process and disease progression are tied closely with how efficiently the mitochondria produce energy.  Trovato Nutrition has the ability to measure, track, and improve mitochondria function.

Trovato Nutrition uses nutrition education and state of the art technology to support your body to allow natural healing.  Everyone is different, and while there are general guidelines of an optimal diet, there will be slight variations due to body needs and personal preferences.  Everyone has their own journey to wellness with different obstacles in their way.  We help identify and remove the potential obstacles (dietary and lifestyle habits, exercise issues, dental complications, and so on).  We guide you down the path to optimal health.