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Oxygen Ozone Therapy

Trovato Nutrition is proud to be one of the only facilities in Pennsylvania that offer comprehensive Oxidative Therapy.

Depending on the individual, oxygen ozone has many different possible applications and delivery methods.

Our relaxed atmosphere provides an ideal environment to experience oxygen ozone therapy. Examples of therapy include, but are not limited to, nasal and ear insufflation, full and partial head and neck protocols, minor auto heme, and therapeutic injections.


Oxygen Ozone Benefits


Medical-grade oxygen-ozone therapy creates a therapeutic oxygen-rich environment that induces a positive multi-factorial biochemical/physiologic change in affected tissues. Oxygen-ozone kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spirochetes. It is also a circulatory stimulant, wound-cleanser, accelerant for wound healing, hemostatic agent, and immune-activating agent.


Dental Applications


  • Sterilize restorative sites in teeth prior to placing fillings

  • Address localized gum lesions (viral, fungal, bacterial)

  • Insufflate and sterilize infected gum pockets 

  • Address abscesses in initial and post endodontic treatment when root canal therapy is guest’s chosen option

  • Insufflate and sterilize root canals when root canal therapy is guest’s chosen option

  • Address bone infections

  • Cleanse extraction sites and promote healing when extraction is guest’s chosen option

  • Promote bone integration for dental implants 

  • Promote healing for TMJ disorders 

  • Provide supportive therapy for sinus, tonsils, and throat infections

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Therapeutic Injections


Oxygen ozone therapy is quite effective on its own, but often times it works better in conjunction with additional therapies. While the oxygen ozone provides the “cleansing” effects, different remedies can be added to the treatment to accomplish anything from proper healing, to immune system up regulation, to lymphatic drainage.

Trovato Nutrition uses a combination of Procaine, vitamins like B12 and Folate, Heel, and Sanum remedies to provide a comprehensive healing environment. With so many different therapeutic options, we are able to customize the treatment to the individual. Each vitamin, homeopathic, and isopathic remedy has a specific application for a specific situation.


We work closely with multiple health care providers familiar with this process to determine

through kinesiology, the exact combination of therapeutics to utilize.


TESTIMONIAL of a very profound case:
I had oxygen-ozone therapy done by Dr. Trovato this past summer. I decided to have this treatment after being diagnosed with oral cancer in April of 2007. Oxygen-ozone was not supposed to be a cure, but I believe it helped to make my body healthier. There was a growth on my tongue that went away with this treatment and for which I would otherwise have needed surgery. I have known Dr. Lou since I was 7 years old, and I used to work at Meetinghouse Dental Care. I trust him more than anything, and this experience just reinforced what I already knew about him. My treatment was 10 weeks long, 2 appointments per week. At each appointment, I received injections in my tonsils, my tongue, etc. This seemed to be scary at first but with Lou it was easy. He explained everything to me before doing it and was extremely gentle. Who would ever think all those injections wouldn’t hurt?!?!? With Lou in charge I felt very comfortable, and it really did not hurt. Lou always made himself available to answer any and all of my questions. Having oxygen-ozone therapy allowed me to avoid one surgery. I had four surgeries on my tongue, and they were very painful. The fact that this treatment saved me from one surgery is a miracle to me. Lou is a wonderful man and doctor, and I would not be getting through my cancer diagnosis as well as I am without him and the staff at Meetinghouse Dental Care.

Suzanne Ryan, Riverside, NJ

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