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Biophotonic Scanner

What is it?

The BioPhotonic scanner by Pharmanex is the world’s first portable technology to measure skin carotenoid levels non-invasively in living human tissue. It utilizes Nobel Prize winning Raman Spectroscopy, an established scientific discipline backed by years of research. Place the fleshy part of your palm over the scanner’s blue light. The scanner takes less than a minute to read your skin carotenoid level!

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The scanner gives us a 3 month consistency measurement of quantity, quality, and variety of green-leafy and colorful vegetables in your diet. 

How does it work?

The BioPhotonic Scanner works on Resonance Raman Spectroscopy. The scanner produces a narrow beam of blue photon light in a wavelength of 478 nanometers. When a blue 478 nm photon of light contacts a carotenoid in the skin, the blue 478 nm photon becomes excited to a green 518 nm photon. Phytonutrients stored inside our cells are the only molecules that can shift the blue 478 nm photon of light to a green 518 nm photon of light. The light bounces back into the scanner, and the scanner counts the green photons to produce the carotenoid score.


What exactly is it measuring?


The BioPhotonic Scanner is commonly called an antioxidant scanner, but that is not technically true. While the score can be thought of as a general antioxidant score, it is specifically measuring carotenoids and other phytonutrients. Click Here to find out more on carotenoids.


Let me explain:
The vegetables and fruits we consume contain many antioxidants that we are all familiar with. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are two great examples, but vegetables and fruits also contain smaller, lesser known compounds called phytonutrients that provide the body with incredible health benefits. The BioPhotonic scanner allows for the accurate measuring of these phytonutrients, specifically the carotenoids. Carotenoids are a class of more than 600 naturally occurring pigments synthesized by plants, algae, and photosynthetic bacteria (ask Anthony more about the exciting field of bacterial produced antioxidants). The deeply colored carotenoids are the sources of the yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, and white colors of vegetables and fruit. Even the green-leafy vegetables contain these colorful pigments, but the strong green color of the chlorophyll masks them. Consistently eat an abundance of and a variety of carotenoid rich foods to improve scanner score.

Is it accurate?

Yes. Incredibly accurate. However, there will be slight fluctuation. For example, if you scan ten times in a row, and your first score was a 35k, the other nine scores will range from 32k – 38k, but never will the score go up or down by more than two or three thousand points. The same goes if you scanned ten days in a row. The scan is looking at about two to three months’ worth of stored nutrition, so we recommend scanning about every three to six months to check levels.

Can I eat well for a few days and score well?

No. Your skin carotenoid score reflects the consistency of consumption of green leafy and colorful, non-starchy vegetables. Fruit can be helpful, but in moderation. Organic plays a big role. One study showed that one organic apple contained the same amount of nutrients as four regular apples. Lifestyle and exercise habits, as well as efforts to avoid environmental stressors and toxins all contribute to the overall BioPhotonic Score.

Even though the score cannot be acutely manipulated up, it should be mentioned that our observations have concluded that there are some factors that can acutely lower a score: air travel and severe emotional/mental stress.

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