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Lymphatic Vibration Plate Therapy

Throughout our lifetimes, our bodies are accumulating and trying to process chemicals, poisons, food additives, cellular stress, etc. These toxins progressively slow down the body’s ability to stimulate the lymphatic system, process fluids, and charge our cellular batteries.

As this process continues and the lymphatic system stagnates, increasingly poor health over time is inevitable.


The lymphatic system is the only system in the body without its own regulating “pump.”


Many things can help with lymphatic movement like exercise, trampoline bouncing, massage, but the Sonic Vibrational Plate may exceed them all. In just 10 minute sessions, the Sonic Vibrational Plate can not only stimulate lymphatic movement, but also provide passive exercise to the cells, facilitate oxygen uptake potential, promote detoxification, and improve skeletal muscle and bone density.


How does it work?


Sonic wave vibrations are generated using sonic speaker mechanisms instead of rotating motors. This sonic energy is delivered to the human body, stimulating muscle fibers in a manner stronger than the Earth’s gravity. It exercises muscle fibers to repeat fast and strong contractions that strengthen the body faster than traditional methods of training.



  • Acceleration of weight loss

  • Drainage of lymphatic fluids

  • Rehabilitation of injuries

  • Strengthening of muscle tone

  • Reduction of cellulite 

  • Collagen production

  • Endorphine release

  • Increase in bone density

  • Increased secretion of HGH, IGF-1, and Testosterone

Passive Application

The vibrational plate is effective in passive exercise. While just standing still on the plate, the body can experience the vibrations to provide some level of exercise without any stress to bones, ligaments, or muscles. The body will receive some aerobic exercise, minor physical resistance training, lymphatic drainage, and cellular detoxification.

Active Application

The vibrational plate can also be used for active exercise. Performing common bodyweight movements like squats, pushups, and sit-ups while on the vibrational plate increases the level of difficulty exponentially. This would allow for more intensity under tension than the patient would be able to obtain with these movements alone. The vibrations force the body to heavily receipt the stabilizing muscles to support the larger skeletal muscles while they perform the work. This also stimulates fast twitch muscle fibers, allowing for greater improvement in high power movements like running, jumping, and throwing. When compound movements are performed slowly, like the squat, the vibrations increase the release of human growth hormone, contributing to the growth of the slow twice muscle fibers as well.

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