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Nutrition Education for Optimal Health

Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase energy, or prevent chronic disease, together we concentrate on whole food nutrition to correct foundational issues so your body can heal.

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Your body has over 75 trillion cells.


Everything you consume, imbibe, think, do, breathe will either support your cells with vital nutrients or contaminate them with potentially dangerous toxins. 


The choice is YOURS…

Take back your health!

Toxins accumulate from many sources.

The food you eat.

The environment.

Even your teeth!!!

Biologic Dentistry


In addition to our concentration on whole food nutrition, our extensive knowledge of and experience with biologic dentistry allow us to address the entire body.  The mouth is a window to the body and one cannot be healthy without the other.

Trovato Nutrition helps 

remove boulders, providing education and supportive modalities for optimal function of all systems.

Don't worry!​


Your body is designed to heal itself naturally and will ALWAYS move towards health when given the opportunity!



“Professional, compassionate, articulate, patient, and a wealth of sound nutritional advice. It is so refreshing and exciting to work with professionals who are well educated, continue educating themselves and challenge the traditional paradigms. Cannot say enough good things about this experience. Wish the appointment had been even longer.”

—  Staci D.