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Trovato Nutrition provides education and guidance using whole food nutrition and supportive modalities to encourage your body’s innate ability to heal and return to a state of optimal health.

We also provide nutrition and dental education for decay prevention and enamel remineralization.  With over 20 years in the biologic dental field, we have decay reversal down to a science!


Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase energy, or prevent chronic disease, together we concentrate on whole food nutrition to correct foundational issues so your body can heal.



Weight Loss

There is a big gap in health care

Many of us are not technically “sick,” but we are not in perfect health either.


Trovato Nutrition addresses the area between disease and health, helping you lose/maintain weight, increase energy, and improve overall wellness.

Sticking with the theme of prevention, did you know that tooth decay can be halted and even reversed while the breakdown is still in the enamel?  Catching things early or preventing the breakdown from starting would avoid the need for repetitive drilling and filling of teeth.

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Image by Hal Gatewood
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We focus on a few key principals


  • Adequate hydration

  • Leafy green and colorful vegetables

  • Quality protein

  • Healthy fats and oils

A fork and spoon can dig our graves or save our lives.

The choice is YOURS…

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Your body has over 75 trillion cells.


Everything you consume, think, do, will support your cells with vital nutrients or contaminate them with potential toxins. 

Take back your health!

Toxins accumulate from many sources.

The food you eat.  The environment.  Even your teeth!!!

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Biologic Dentistry


In addition to our concentration on whole food nutrition, our extensive knowledge of and experience with biologic dentistry allows us to address the entire body.  It is always better to stop a cavity from forming than it is to fix it after the tooth is compromised.  Decay prevention through enamel remineralization allows dentistry to stay conservative and sets up for long-term stabilization of the oral environment!

The mouth is a window to the body, and one cannot be healthy without the other.

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“Professional, compassionate, articulate, patient, and a wealth of sound nutritional advice. It is so refreshing and exciting to work with professionals who are well educated, continue educating themselves and challenge the traditional paradigms. Cannot say enough good things about this experience. Wish the appointment had been even longer.”

—  Staci D.

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