Nutrition education is the foundation of Trovato Nutrition. No amount of supplementation or fancy equipment can replace the establishing of a sound nutritional baseline. The body is an incredible machine, and if given the proper nutrients to function, it will begin to heal with time. With consistency, many symptoms will improve due to fixing the underlying causes.

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Prepare to break the mold of nutrition and supplementation! Trovato Nutrition will NOT have you leave with a laundry list of supplements. Due the general lack of nutrients in our food these days, there is absolutely a need for a few general support supplements. And depending on your current issue, there will be a time and a place for specific therapeutic supplements. But in general, we concentrate on whole food nutrition to correct underlying causes, allowing the body to naturally heal itself.

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Massage is an essential part of wellness. Regular massages will keep your body youthful and healthy. It decreases stress, improves blood and lymphatic flow, and helps relax the muscle. Regular massage treatments are essential to maintain optimal levels of health.

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Vitamin D Tanning Bed

The Vitality Tanning Bed has more than just that standard UVA bulbs that are common in normal tanning salons. Our vitamin D tanning bed has UVA, UVB, and Infrared, bulbs, each included for a specific function.

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Light Therapy

There are a few ways to use photon (light) therapy, but each one is really designed to decrease inflammation, and promote healing.

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Brain Wave Entrainment

Brain Tap is a cleverly designed device that uses light and sound therapy to induce a relaxed state. With the stressors of modern living, a lot of people get stuck in the weighted “flight or fright” state and even when trying to relax, they mind is always racing. These individuals have a hard time fully relaxing and therefor, their bodies have no time to rest and heal. The Brain Tap helps guide you down from Beta and through Alpha and Theta brain waves for a deep, relaxing experience.

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Educational Presentations

Trovato Nutrition houses one of the best environments for educational seminars. A crystal-clear HD projector displays onto a 125-inch screen, and the room seats up to 45 people. We will host our own presentations and educational “movie nights”, but the room is available for outside speakers as well.

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